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Monday, November 18, 2013
Well I haven't written a tutorial in ages but upon request from some fellow taggers itching to learn thought I'd show them how i do things.. I am no pro and am sure I miss shortcuts here and there as I am self taught and too comfortable with my ways to change now. I am sure there are tons of tutorials out there hopefully you can pick up some tricks from mine. Currently i used PSP X5 and am fairly new to it. I don't recommend it at all some of the tools i had in 9-X2 are missing (ie the mirror tool). I do use PS more nowadays and look for some tutorials for that soon!
Today I will walk you through how I made this Paper.


If your looking for PSP brushes to try I found some..
HERE and HERE  and there are tons at deviant art.
Now brushes for PSP are different than brushes for Photoshop.
The file extensions will be .abr for PS
and for PSP users they will have .PspBrush and Brushtip..PsPScript
so if your having trouble getting one to work.. check the extension chances are its not
a PSPBrush!

To install brushes.. create a new folder in your Documents say what Dee?  Your Computer has LIBRARIES -Documents, Music, Pictures and Video.
I can find mine either by clicking on start button.. shows up right under my name as in preview..

Or click on your name and your library should show up on the left hand side of the window it opens.
Click on your My Documents Folder, right click anywhere in that window, go to New and then to Folder. Name the folder MyPSPFiles. Inside the folder create another new folder and call it Brushes. Now right click on your download zipped file
and click on extract files.. a window appears..locate your Documents folder, the file folder you created called MyPSPFiles. Click on that file folder little + sign appears and you will see the brush folder, click on the brush folder and hit OK.
Now open your PSP.. on top bar go to File..scroll all the way down to Preferences and then over to File Locations and a window appears like so.

click on preview for full view
On the left side you see all the file alphabetical order, click on brushes and then click on search for your My Documents folder MyPSPFiles, and find the brush file click ok
 in that window.
Now make sure both folder options are checked off and then click ok .
Now when we go to use them our PSP will know where to find them. I do this for all my gradients, shapes and so on.
K on to Paper Making!!
In your psp under file create new with these settings
Flood fill it with color of choice I used #dc9a28.
Now go to image.. canvas size and change the width and height to 1000 and make sure you click on the center diamond then click ok. In your layers preview you can rename this layer bg.

Now on your side tool bar go to where your paint brush is and scroll over to airbrush and click.
Go to Layers create new raster layer and name it brush_1
Look at this preview of my top bar and i will explain what each of them that we will be using does.
A is the window that appears showing you all your brushes , click on it and choose the leaves brush you just downloaded. If you followed the directions correctly they will be there, if you need help just send me a message and i can walk you through it.
B is the size of the brush.. for this paper I randomly change the size from around 300 to 370
C is the rotation of the brush I change this number every time I pass over with another brush.
D is opacity I randomly change this number also, so some leaves appear more faint and blend in
with the other nicely.
Normally I work with a palette of colors and would usually have that pallete as a layer for easy
reference when choosing the colors of the leaves. I would just use my pick tool to grab the colors i want but for this tutorial we are going to wing it with some Autumn Colors.
Now click on your brush_1 layer and in your material box (if it isn't showing just press F6)
choose an Autumn color in your foreground (top)  I chose a green bfb921
I left the size at 370 and the opacity is at 90. Now bring your cursor over your page, it is okay to be over the edges of your bg paper we really want to get along the edges.  When you get it over where you want it just lightly click. If you click to long it gets thicker (darker) if you move your hand it will trail..(something I use when making masks) If you don't like it you can simply Edit, Undo.
Now I want one the same color elsewhere on the paper but going a different way, so in top tool bar I will adjust the rotation setting to 180 and apply near the bottom.
Now lets change colors, back to material box and choose one.. I choose a yellow f4f515.
Before we start with the yellow you could easily create a new raster layer, keeping the colors of your leaves separate. So I renamed my brush_1 to green and created a new raster layer. I named it yellow.
I changed the size to 350, the rotation to 90 and the opacity to 70.
There is no right or wrong to these settings, I just play until I get the look I desire but playing with these numbers and understanding what they do makes it simple. So I won't go on with colors and numbers just wanted you to get the just of how it works.
Ok so finish playing, add some more colored brush layers changing up your numbers each time..
When done click your top move tool on your side bar
to get rid of your brush or it will stay on your cursor lol!!
When you are done,click on your bg layer, select all, select float. Image crop to selection. Hide background layer and merge visible (all your leaves layers). When you get advanced you will enjoy playing with the blends of each of the leaves layers)
Now click on this overlay of mine to bring to full view and right click to save

Once saved, open it up in your psp and copy, paste it into your leaves image. Drag it to just above your bg layer. Hint: before you go to Edit paste as new layer, click on the layer you want it to be just above and that is where it will paste it.
On your overlay layer play with the blend modes till you get your desired look
I went with Luminance (L) with an opacity of 79%
On my top layer (leaves) again play with the blend modes and opacity,
I chose dodge with opacity of of 63%

Merge visible and save your one of a kind paper!!

You could go further and add a texture to this paper but we will leave that for the next tutorial.
Hope this was easy enough to understand.. Would love any feedback.


  1. You are just so talented!! What a beautiful creation and teaching quality is top notch!

  2. Wow. TYSM for writing this tut out Dee. I can't wait to try this tomorrow. I actually understand what u are explaining & the screen shots help me immensely also. I promise I will show you how mine comes out-no matter what it looks like :/

  3. Wow this is awesome Dee, I just read through and it's great! I'm gonna have to try it out. Thanks very much for writing this for us :)

  4. I think I did it! Sent u an e-mail Dee! xoxo


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